There were no survivors. [Warning: GRAPHIC]

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month continues on! However let’s face it, awareness by itself is not enough! To have an impact, we need to take action against colon cancer. We must also have the necessary tools, tactics, and training to take care of business when polyps rear their ugly head. It's a bad month to be a polyp!!!

Removing a large polyp with the new lifting agent Eleview

Now there is a new product called Eleview (Aries Pharmaceuticals) that is specifically made for endoscopic procedures requiring submucosal injection. This product is supplied in 10-mL ampules and is ready-to-use, making it much faster and more convenient to just ask for in the middle of a procedure

Breaking news: FDA expected to approve di Michelangelo® System for robotic fecal disimpaction.

MILAN, Italy: Gastroenterologists rejoice! Innuendo Technologies has announced that FDA approval of the di Michelangelo robot is expected early this spring...the first robotic platform designed specifically to perform fecal disimpaction! Dr. Hans Enyuanus was one of the pioneers of robotic fecal disimpaction using the di Michelangelo® System, having performed over 2000 procedures...

Frozen stool for fecal transplant: Better, faster, less messy!

It was only a matter of time that a fecal transplant product was created. Now instead of having to test an individual donor and mix the stool to prepare the specimen for delivery through the scope, one can simply call the hospital pharmacy several hours before the fecal transplant is scheduled and order a 250 mL bottle of frozen donor stool from OpenBiome.

Letter: Chronic rectal bleeding after colon cancer operation.

Over two years ago, I had a colon resection for the removal of a cancerous tumor (stage 2A). Ever since, I have had on and off bleeding in my stool. My surgeon has done two sigmoidoscopies and my gastro doctor has done two colonoscopies.

Retroflexion in the right colon: Why to do it.

Should retroflexion in the right colon become a routine part of screening colonoscopy? Let's frame this question with the following facts: Colonoscopy is less-protective against right-sided cancers (which implies that colonoscopy is less-effective at finding or removing right-sided polyps...

Retroflexion in the right colon: How to do it.

Since the name of my site is Retroflexions, it's about time I wrote an article about how to retroflex! More specifically, how does one retroflex in the right colon? (Fair warning: This article is probably only interesting to gastroenterologists.)

Retroflexion as a necessary maneuver to resect a large colonic polyp.

Sometimes repositioning the lesion is what it takes to get it done. A better angle between the snare and the polyp can be the difference between sliding over the top or capturing the lesion. In this case, retroflexing the scope in the ascending colon was the key maneuver needed to get the rest of the polyp out.

Marriage: It’s good for a man’s colon!

In keeping with the theme of women being smarter than men, the authors found no association between the happiness of the marriage or the degree of support from their husbands for women who chose to get a colonoscopy. Basically, women are just better at taking care of themselves independently without the need for their husbands approval, input, or coercion.

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