2017 State of the Blog Address

There is a lot going on this month: colon cancer awareness events, flexing for $$$, new and old blog posts, and a birthday!

Retroflexions 2.0

After taking a few months off, I've totally revamped the site with a clean and modern look and I am very excited to start writing again! However, it's not just the aesthetics of the site that are changing. Over the past year or so, I have seen a dramatic increase in the traffic to the site

Happy birthday to me!

If you are new to the site, I have basically tried to write about one short article per week about gastroenterology, medicine, doctoring, and other related topics.


Why a gastroenterology blog?  A quick search of google will show about a thousand gastroenterology blogs.  However, if you look closer, about 99.8% of those “blogs” are really just advertisements for a doctor or a practice with titles like “when should I get a colonoscopy?” or “when should I contact a gastroenterologist about abdominal pain?”  … Read more

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