Dr. Gandolfo is a board-certified gastroenterologist in Long Island, NY. He is the founder of Retroflexions.com and enjoys writing about healthy living and the practice of medicine. He started his solo practice, Precision Digestive Care, in 2018.


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FOLLOW ALONG to get your butt into shape with this NO EQUIPMENT WORKOUT

I am not a personal trainer. These exercises are what I actually do to stay in shape IN REAL LIFE. Time is short and there are always a million reasons not to work out. It's important to have some quick, simple, and effective workouts in your arsenal to fight against the slow inevitable decline that we all face as we get older!

Who is RESPONSIBLE for your choices in life?

Is your doctor really responsible for keeping you healthy? Who has the ultimate responsibility for taking care of your body? When preventable health problems happen, who is to BLAME?

doctor on fire

My Burnout Story…and How I Fixed It!

It is estimated that 35-54% of doctors and nurses are burnt out. The above video is a quick story about my feelings of burnout, which was one of the big reasons why I quit the job that was burning me out, and went into solo practice.

Five Secret Tips to BEAT the colonoscopy prep!

A board-certified gastroenterologist shares 5 secret tips to make your colonoscopy prep much easier! DON'T DO YOUR PRE COLONOSCOPY CLEAN-OUT WITHOUT WATCHING THIS VIDEO!

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