Avoiding the trap of the false dichotomy in designing your healthy lifestyle

It would seem that we humans are hardwired to prefer our choices to fall into two and only two categories. Do you like Pepsi or Coke? Are you a Democrat or a Republican? Are you a jock or a nerd? Mets or Yankees? It’s either one or the other, Bub. Are you for us, or are you against us?

Nowhere else is this more apparent than in the endless debates on what constitutes healthy behaviors such as diet and exercise. Are you doing keto or intermittent fasting? Is red meat good or bad? Are calories the only thing that matters or not? Are you a runner or a lifter? Do you do CrossFit or are you a bodybuilder?

vanilla and chocolate ice cream cones
“What’s it going to be…vanilla or chocolate?”
“I’ll take the mint chip!”

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