Want to lose the gut? Good. Start by reading these five brutal truths.

Truths about weight loss, and a simple program you can start today. If you follow the above plan and stick to it for at least three months you will definitely see some major changes in the way you look and feel. Following a routine like this will also prime your body and your mind for the more significant journey to come, the long haul of removing most of the excess weight and then keeping it off!

New Year’s resolutions are WEAK! If you really want to change, start today!

I'm willing to bet that most people's New Year's resolutions have something to do with weight loss, eating better, or becoming more fit. These are great things to work on in the new year! They're also great things to work on during the last few weeks of December, so what are you waiting for?

How to plan things in life so that you fail miserably.

We all knew John was going to fail. His plan was barely a plan, and was not realistic. He needed to make major lifestyle changes and lacked the knowledge to design a proper plan. He could have benefited from...