FOLLOW ALONG to get your butt into shape with this NO EQUIPMENT WORKOUT

As a gastroenterologist, people often think I am a “butt doctor.” Like, “I am having problems with my bowels, better see the butt doctor!” Or, “Honey, I am at the butt doctor right now but forgot my insurance card, can you email it to me?”

Truth be told, the real butt doctors are colorectal surgeons. If you have a big hemorrhoid or other “butt” problem, it’s best to call a colorectal surgeon (formerly known as proctologists).

However, if you are just looking to get your butt in shape, I can help you with that! Seriously, the following workout will get you butt, quads, hamstrings, and some other parts looking better and feeling stronger in no time. Just follow along with the exercises shown below in my video!

You can do this leg workout anytime and anywhere…all you need is the ground and your own two feet!

Follow along with these three routines, each takes about 15-20 minutes to complete:

  • BEGINNER workout with bodyweight squats and reverse lunges
  • INTERMEDIATE workout with back and forth lunges and walking lunges
  • ADVANCED workout with plyometric vertical jumps and alternating jumping lunges

I am not a personal trainer. These exercises are what I actually do to stay in shape IN REAL LIFE. Time is short and there are always a million reasons not to work out. It’s important to have some quick, simple, and effective workouts in your arsenal to fight against the slow inevitable decline that we all face as we get older!

You can scale these exercises to your fitness level and START RIGHT NOW!