How to Prevent Colon Cancer-VIDEO

It’s March, which means it’s colorectal awareness month!

Here is my latest video about prevention of colorectal cancer. I added time stamps, so you can skip ahead to the parts that you are interested in (the video will open in a separate YouTube window).

Topics covered in this video:

1:15 What is colon cancer?

1:54 What are the common symptoms of colon cancer?

2:49 The stats on colon cancer.

6:10 Using DIET to prevent colon cancer.

7:38 Lifestyle changes to prevent colon cancer.

8:48 ALCOHOL and smoking with respect to colon cancer risk.

10:26 Myths about colon cancer.

11:17 Who needs to be checked for colon cancer?

11:46 What age should people start getting checked for colon cancer?

13:37 How is a COLONOSCOPY performed?

16:20 How you can spread awareness of colorectal cancer.