“Doctor, are you SURE?”

Hubris is a killer. Fight it with humility! In medicine, we often don't know why things happen as they do, and it can be hard to say "I don't know" when faced with certain questions.  Some patients view uncertainty very unfavorably and want total confidence by their doctor all the time. How do you feel when your doctor says "I don't know"?

How do I get rid of this horrible smelly gas?

So how do we prevent our colon from acting like a cesspool? Keep things moving by eating plenty of non-gaseous fiber, drinking lots of water, getting regular exercise, and pooping regularly. But what if you're doing all of those things and still suffering from constipation and foul gas?

Breaking news: FDA expected to approve di Michelangelo® System for robotic fecal disimpaction.

MILAN, Italy: Gastroenterologists rejoice! Innuendo Technologies has announced that FDA approval of the di Michelangelo robot is expected early this spring...the first robotic platform designed specifically to perform fecal disimpaction! Dr. Hans Enyuanus was one of the pioneers of robotic fecal disimpaction using the di Michelangelo® System, having performed over 2000 procedures...

A simple trick to make taking fiber supplements easier

I find that using a shaker bottle really helps to quickly mix the fiber with water, and also allows for easy re-mixing after you start drinking. These shaker bottles are usually marketed for bodybuilders as a quick and portable way to mix protein powder