GERD be gone! Nutrition strategies to alleviate acid reflux symptoms.

Treatment for GERD may include medications, but there are some diet and lifestyle changes that can help alleviate symptoms. This doesn’t mean that you have to eliminate all of your favorite foods! Take a look at the tips below and pick a few of the items to make small modifications to your typical routine.

Esophageal food impaction

Food impaction in the esophagus is one of the emergency conditions that only gastroenterologists and emergency room doctors know about. The overall concept is simple: Soon-to-be patient eats a large quantity of food (most commonly meat), which gets stuck in the esophagus somewhere and then causes a blockage and prevents further swallowing. Patient experiences chest pain,  … Read more

Esophageal dilation

Dysphagia (trouble swallowing) can be caused by many different problems. A strictured or narrowed esophagus is one common cause, and is often related to excess acid exposure in the esophagus. Usually strictures happen at one discrete location in the esophagus (often the lower part closest to the stomach where acid reflux damage is the most pronounced).