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What is Retroflexions?

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Retroflexions is a medical blog. A balance of topics related to medicine, health, nutrition, and gastroenterology are covered here…with a dose of personal opinion added for good measure.

Any gastroenterologist would immediately recognize the title of this site.  Retroflexion is a common maneuver performed during endoscopy that enables the endoscopist to see places that would otherwise not be visible by looking straight on.  The tip of the scope is bent backwards on itself until it resembles a candy cane, resulting in visualization behind the scope.  It is an indispensable technique that allows the doctor to find small polyps that would otherwise be missed, or to get the scope into just the right spot to treat certain pathology.

Of course, this site is not just about how to retroflex a scope (although there are a few articles here on that very topic!) At its heart, Retroflexions is a reflection on the art and science of medicine.

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