Video: What is Health?

I finally made it to YouTube!

Let’s face it, video is where it’s at now! I have been wanting to start making videos for quite some time, but never made the time to get it done. Like anything else, I just had to jump in and start somewhere! If you didn’t already know, I am somewhat of a camera geek which makes me pretty comfortable behind the camera! However, I am NOT super-comfortable in front of the camera, so making videos will be both a new technical and emotional learning experience for me! That’s what life is about, growing and moving in new exciting directions.

Let me know what you think about the video…I need some feedback! While you’re at it, if you subscribe to the channel on YouTube by clicking on the screenshot below then clicking on the red subscribe button, you will be helping me out A LOT in my effort to grow this channel and bring new (and more interesting) content to you! Thank you!!!

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