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If you have been here before, you know that Retroflexions has been changing it’s tone for the last year or two. This site used to be all gastroenterology related, but this became a little boring and I started leaning towards fitness, lifestyle change, motivation, healthy living, and other topics because that is what interests me the most.

Sure, scientific knowledge is very important, but what I noticed time and time again as someone who treats patients all day long is that most patients don’t need more data or more information. What they really need is to take action and make any one of the ten different lifestyle changes that could help their condition!

Take this hypothetical patient encounter for example: It’s something that happens every day in the office (yes every single day), and as a clinician it drives me absolutely crazy!

Patient: I am worried that I have cancer. My neighbor was just diagnosed with (any cancer) and I don’t want to get that!

Me: OK, let’s review your history and testing to date.

Patient: (gives history)

Me: OK, so since you’re 57 we should get you up-to-date with your colorectal cancer screening. You should also see your primary care doctor and GYN for blood testing, cervical cancer screening, mammography, and other routine stuff.

Patient: OK I will set that stuff up. But do you think I might have cancer?

Me: I can’t really tell just by looking at you if you have cancer. But there are a few things you can work on to reduce your risk of getting cancer in the future. First, you should quit smoking. You also drink 2-3 glasses of wine per day and regular alcohol use has been shown to increase the risk of most cancers. We also reviewed your diet which is high in animal products and processed foods and low in plant fiber. You should try to reverse those proportions. I also have to mention that you are about 70 pounds overweight, which has important health implications including increasing your risk for all sorts of cancers.

Patient: Well I’ve tried to quit smoking before but I am too stressed out. I also like my wine and don’t think 2 glasses is going to hurt me. I just don’t like eating salads. And I simply can’t lose weight, I’ve tried everything! I just want to do that colonoscopy. Thinking about all this other stuff gives me more anxiety!

Me: I wouldn’t suggest trying to change all these things at once. What about making a commitment to make one small change and seeing where that goes?

We all know where it goes. Nowhere. I see the same patient next year and they are smoking more than ever and gained 10 more pounds. Their diet is exactly the same. They are still stressed out. They are still worried obsessively about getting cancer.

Yet everything they are doing on a daily basis is increasing their risk of cancer! Completely illogical but this is the way it goes every single day when treating real people with complex issues.

Having interactions like this again and again, day after day, year after year, made me realize something: People don’t need more data. They don’t need a perfect diet plan. What most people really need is an action plan to follow that will allow them to make a lifestyle change. Most people need to stop worrying about every little detail, and start actually doing something–anything–positive and beneficial for their own health!

So I took a little time off from Retroflexions and created this new thing called MDFITRx. Right now, it’s a free 40-day course designed to get you started on the path to a healthier lifestyle.

The course will teach you how to eat and how to workout at home with no equipment, but truth be told, you can find most of that information anywhere online. The real value of the course is that I will show you most of the psychologic tactics that actually work in the real world to help you make that change you know you should make, both for your long-term health and also for your short-term happiness!

When you sign up, you will get access to:

  • a 60+ page ebook with all the basic information you need to get started right away
  • a bunch of my favorite go-to healthy recipes
  • the workout plan with video demonstrations that you follow (can be scaled down to almost any fitness level)
  • workout logs so you can chart your daily progress
  • 40 days of weekly emails that cover more advanced topics about fitness, motivation, discipline, and nutrition
  • a whole bunch of interesting videos to keep you motivated and educated!

My program teaches you everything you need to know to get started: I cover the basics of healthy eating, you will learn simple body-weight exercises that you can do at home with no equipment, and most importantly you will get the psychological tools and tactics that you need to remain disciplined and consistent so that this is NOT just another pointless 2-week fitness fad!

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